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t terdav th Yards, Black – nty administration, claimng six(Tsfkdng ay we 0Tit nifted 50dlas so you can Eggypt’s your comnpany eased to help you officil so you’re able to hol ouit sussons “Winter tgpersonals season Support Financing.” can be found when the Canal try na- on this subject. Black changed Plaines In the Ge-. tionallsed For the Jl,1M Mr.n wb sai t he’Li ineva, eroute away from Cairo and Black sid temdaino member staks anqta they vyas yeqterday. -‘lar to this ndertaken byth read -t x’n ay support in order to He stated right here one to the’ Bank in the settlement out of Egyt lthug threwere n0 PEank’s mediation would become con the newest Indus Lake conflict ranging from defnte rojtet. chneeded cerned just with the latest financiall India and Pakistan. “We acted suchal Wt foo e’being. areas of. new,cwm1)ensationiar- because the a’third party’ Inthose dis- The newest Dieco Out-of Interna, reiggments, not towards the, dect- cussions, in fact it is just what we’ tfonal Bank’ sajod44 he ould ,Ipn to your who is so you can negoA

breast Into perform In such a case.” e head to Egypt once again nOtyar on the part of the newest Stxer investors. Questioned if or not the guy Desire

President Nanser And you will Egyptian dh’Nalsser

‘ so you can hiswa tos Sot Aza, Black categorIcalixy derievd an take part in the future negotia- comuniateearlier Mr. )ackwil, declaration away from Cairo that he tions individually the guy told you : “No – Eypt’viwtoterprsna got, elisousda you can-World- and that’s the newest Banles business.” television of fr eirSexaa Financial loan’ so you’re able to Egypt, to’firiance He spent all of the six-hour Coman. age wilt , nIform the newest Aswan -1figh Wm, ItCairg airline fom Cairo together with her -letter the latest the latest. wht the fresh new S-dez Planes That have Attafy Sonbol, headl c6riiii

we mdaory effrt, ” :ilutpl r1diculous,”, the guy te Efre -Egypta fiancti betweone t sides’tanarrow dedlare-d Nth .r 1hoV#1nthe Tlrt.- discussions owed -to help you resumne Inside Genv the’ gqp btenther see- pulished JONew York immediately following he now. “Within the ths ase,” Air. Black left Calto. “Around Wei$ zero discus’- carry out discuss the ds said, “an excellent meeting’ is also be’arrangs cussion. tiioi ofr a loan ot- things out of! ed with the several sidesfor a final one to sort.” – N I i. coming settlemont. ’90 So od9$”LModcmenign hMr. Blc told you the guy woul end up being, v*because lite so you’re able to Carbs th h Msint alr away from th Nasser agi urn his ;vX wt tm th

sbt hetrday a beneficial mton oftae With him yeserday due to the fact”encourag wa kng o t’ a.-‘e lan been Egptandthe told you ta te idnoe ag’M1et nl Western nations you will definitely bee- eMt dthe near fture. mydsuon while the

pce I they tomdaf the fresh COI eten qesto* away from Plogident Nasser offer the fresh new :Eky-Suez Canal ‘ompany had air-conditioning- ia Finance Mini qte W$*. cepted Mr. Vack’s mediation dIecled one to iff ahA when You. more settlement and you will told you Egy You .”yqaeL aA4* one, because the Uk Authorities suir, sw cuatro we fuAQ

None Black nor Sno Vnifits

fe Uretome greatest investors letter settle- 10 step one 0 an effective e mnt create mea would -link gwod isaVSR Israd to help you rnwrltosw Brand new YORK Minutes The brand new Arizona Blog post Brand new TINES (LONDON) The brand new YORK HERALD TRIBUNE The latest Washington Star The fresh Financial Moments New Wall Path Record The times HERALD This new YORK Record Out of Business The new Washington News .cuatro ONISU Z OM[PENSATION CANA COFNNS’S The latest Yom Late. 14. 0″ Ow oi”1n Mr.’Eygcn# Kloc plSident Ol the guy Globe Score, roentgen W gt te’. -day shortly after Wlklt U .*XW GEEVA, Late. eleven. and you will Cairo given that mediator itt th *ppk Mr. rl aBack, prsin –f thtnerAtion Went foeniatiorn dispute betw*6n U0y01, Recons tructi d 0et fth saidto-dy that the lender got plus the w7Cnal Compny agree d fu’ te0’negotiations to possess comn- :class to review the newest facai t ite pensation’o tbteX -Cgaa verified that Asvwar DRmMWs Compny’ssb

of arentfor the latest Suez Canal. tofcasEgyp thAl tpeinfore a great oma Caio, whewhe ba cam wit An excellent tery discussions- which have Presi- oEytwi tmqeto. offer. the new Age ytan Reuter. Government authorities.- Nc Minte It was jcded Hie said the fresh new bank’s mediation taifand when the- Eyptian might be alarmed just humor government entities andt the Suez stock- economic areas of the new compeasa- hodtm ‘t together with her the latest bvik commonly tion saarmarnets-hot towards the be present so you can inediate ranging from docision on the ‘who iii to help you negotiate in it part of the aSe stockholder&, “N6 ASWAN. LOAN* RO PRECEDIENT Mr. Black dwsribed, while the ” abWq Mr. Bac told you little time restrict got lutely – icilus ” Cairo accounts become set fof the start of the fresh new nego. he hd discssed a potential tiations. H e atftssed your Worl4. Eanloan to help you Elizabeth t to financial wud ta zero area in the brand new fiace th sa an effective 1ytdcao it.wosol reprsn discussibn ofian ra qy Eyt ei so you’re able to tak bottom olda of this sort, he declared. = aa admstation allege- I became inied in order to Caiohtein tbit the brand new, cmany stopped so you’re able to Elizabeth

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