Independent predictors out-of condom explore during the past intercourse were age bracket and you may region from household

Condom use at the last sexual intercourse was nearly 4 times higher among 15 – 19 year-olds compared to the 10 – 14 year-olds (OR = 3.69, 95% CI = 1.21 – , P = 0.022). In terms of district of residence, Rufiji was made a reference category and the rest of the districts were compared to it. The odds of condom use in Kigoma was approximately 7 times as high as that observed in Rufiji (OR = 7.45, 95% CI = 1.79 – , P = 0.006). Similarly in Kilombero, the odds of condom use was approximately 9 times as high as that observed in Rufiji (OR = 8.89, 95% CI = 2.91 – , P < 0.001). It was also about 6 more likely among adolescents in Ulanga than those in Rufiji (OR = 5.88, 95% CI = 2.00 - , P = 0.001). The likelihood of condom use among adolescents in Kigoma, Kilombero and Ulanga was statistically similar.

As well, we re-suitable brand new multivariate logistic regression design limited by the brand new elderly teens (Dining table cuatro) and found equivalent leads to those demonstrated in table step 3.

Diagnostic tests were achieved to evaluate the brand new adequacy of your logistic regression designs shown into the table 3 and dining table 4. The fresh guardian soulmates new Hosmer-Lemeshow god of fit try in the generally necessary level of groups shown no evidence of not enough easily fit into the new models (P > 0.05). More over, no statistical communication (impression amendment) was observed.


This research indicates one to condom play with certainly one of kids regarding the five districts for the Tanzania, particularly Kigoma, Kilombero, Rufiji and you can Ulanga is not with the several sexual lovers. I discover proof relationship out-of condom have fun with by generation and also by area regarding household.

The way it is not is that a large amount of teenagers participate inside intimate points stealthily and also in anxiety about condemnation and distrust

Although correct and you will uniform condom have fun with prevents STIs properly [10, 11], a significant proportion of the teens about studies city remains susceptible to employing STIs and you may unintended pregnancies. This is exactly clear on the establish research which implies that one of brand new sexually energetic adolescents, 61% don’t explore condoms at history sexual activity and you will from the 42% ones advertised that have got intercourse that have multiple lovers from the history 1 year. Meanwhile, more around three-fifth of these reporting multiple lovers didn’t play with condoms on their last sexual activity.

The chances of condom play with try higher certainly one of earlier teens (15 – 19 year-olds) as compared to more youthful ones (ten – 14 12 months-olds), maybe due to studies differentials from the indication and protection from STIs because the former might have got prolonged connection with sensitization texts. Which observation try in keeping with others off their knowledge [28, 29]. But not, brand new prevalence regarding several intimate couples are comparable one of the younger and the elderly teens. That is most likely linked to the proven fact that both are into the a changeover into adulthood, thus experience much of physical, emotional and you will emotional alter in addition to being determined by peer behaviours .

The reduced level of condom explore used in Rufiji as compared to almost every other districts is partially due to that rural residences (Rufiji as the very) are correlated with lower levels from condom fool around with and have inequality for the condom access to . Additionally getting associated with variations in social norms and differentials when you look at the the means to access information, communications and you can studies .

Even when mothers or guardians can be the greatest entry point so you can started to teens, that sex-relevant matters have become delicate perspective a issue in order to revealing them home. In several organizations, premarital gender is actually culturally or religiously forbidden and you can children engaged in it are thought become misbehaving. Hence, not just new unfriendly environment for accessing condoms and other reproductive health qualities that matters, and adolescents are afraid to acquire condoms, particularly in unlock retailers . This involves adolescent-amicable gender and you will reproductive health treatments and that fully address for example contextual limits.

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