New participants’ demographic advice, such as sex, levels peak, school ring and you can SES, was also accumulated

Group pointers.

During the Hong kong, middle school youngsters try put into about three school bands-groups 1, 2 and you will step 3 according to the informative end. The brand new scaled internal and external review marks of all the students was basically ordered. Chances are they had been similarly split into blk about three college or university groups and assigned so you can secondary schools, for each consisting of one-third of one’s final number from college students . With the SES, month-to-month household incomes off HK$ 0–fourteen,999, HK$15,000–30,999 and you may HK$>31,000 denoted the lower-, medium- and you can high-income classification, respectively. Brand new average-money class earns the newest median month-to-month residential domestic money .

Statistical investigation

Pearson’s Unit-Moment Relationship was applied so you can calculate the correlations between the properties out of understood PL and you will PA accounts. Numerous regression analysis was applied to look at the newest relationship involving the seen PL and you will PA degrees of the individuals users. Descriptive statistics of your participants’ demographic pointers, such as gender, levels peak (junior and you will older supplementary), college or university ring and you may SES was in fact considered on the Pearson’s Device-Moment Correlation to compute the latest relationship ranging from observed PL and you can PA membership. The fresh new z-score involving the correlations was computed to examine if or not people trials had been somewhat other . SPSS adaptation 22 having Windows was used into the investigation research. This new depend on height is actually put just like the 95% (P ? 0.05) in order to maintain statistical precision.

Overall performance

The new teenagers stated their imagined PL an average of once the (±dos.2dos), (±2.11) and you can (±step 1.90) to the about three areas, ‘feeling of thinking and you may self-confidence’, ‘self-expression and you may communications having others’ and ‘degree and you can understanding’, respectively. The average everyday PA some time intensity try 74 moments at a taking walks speed, that have 34 minutes on a medium speed and you can 27 times at a vigorous pace, and this met the rules recommending at least an hour on a daily basis from participation in every MVPA (61 moments). Committed invested in different PA domain names are an average of, 47 minutes in school, 17 moments at your home, 66 moments during transportation and forty-eight times while in the sport.

Table 1 shows the significant correlations between the perceived PL and PA levels (r = 0.227, p < 0.01) of the Hong Kong adolescents measured by the PPLI and IPAQ-A. Although the correlations are modest, components of perceived PL, intensities of PA levels and three domains (school, transportation, and recreation) of PA were significantly correlated (r = 0.067–0.292, p < 0.01). No significant correlation was found for the home domain.

A multiple linear regression was calculated to predict the PA levels of participants based on their perceived PL attributes. Preliminary analyses were performed to ensure no violations of the assumptions of normality, linearity and multicollinearity. Table 2 shows the significant regression equation (F (3, 1941) = , p < 0.01), with an R 2 of 0.052. The participants predicted PA levels were –5490 + 366.1 (sense of self and self-confidence) + (self-expression and communication with others) + (knowledge and understanding) MET minutes when the attributes of perceived PL were measured on a 5-point Likert Scale. The results showed that sense of self and self-confidence (? = 0.123, p = 0.000), self-expression and communication with others (? = 0.071, p = 0.003) and knowledge and understanding (? = 0.082, p = 0.007) were positively related to PA level. The participants' mean PA levels increased by 366.1, and MET minutes for each attribute score of perceived PL. All attributes of perceived PL were significant predictors of PA level.

The research party next searched elements of intercourse, amount height, college band and you will SES in addition to their impact on the connection ranging from perceived PL and you can PA account, since the revealed during the Dining table step 3. All of the communities shown high definitely correlations ranging from recognized PL and you will PA.

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